Set Up a Website for Free! (Hylia edition)

Introduction This tutorial will help you with setting up your own website / blog, using Hylia. While other services allow you to make your own website, they are either paywalled, riddled with ads, or limited in functionality. Using a static site generator such as Hylia (or equivalent) will give you full control over what goes on your website. Requirements This tutorial requires that you have completed the setup tutorial, or that you at least have a GitHub account and text editor.

Set Up a Website for Free!

This is a tutorial on building a free website using a mac I will be going step-by step on the tools / services you’ll need to get a website set up with next to no programming experience. For those of use using a Windows-based machine, it should be virtually the same process. Contents Contents Motivation Hugo Setup GitHub Netlify Domain Finish Motivation This is obviously not the only guide on building a website.

My Favorite Tools for Development

Hello! I’m making this post to explain the tools I’m currently using on a Mac running 10.14 (Mojave). This isn’t quite a tutorial but I’ll make sure to post all relevant links to downloads, and more in-depth tutorials for certain setups which require more work, such as Haskell. (credit to u/madakikoeru on Reddit for the thumbnail image of this post) Contents Contents HomeBrew Terminal Python Java C Scheme Haskell Website HomeBrew Before anything else, I advise installing HomeBrew, a package manager for MacOS.