My Recommendation for a Computing Science Student's Setup

Introduction This guide will cover how to install the majority of tools you will be using throughout a typical Computing Science (CS) degree. This guide covers installations for MacOS and Windows, and assumes that anyone who is using Linux already has a setup they are comfortable with. package managers The problem Here’s a typical scenario of software installation. You hear about a tool called a_cool_tool that you want to download.

Make a Web Crawler Using Python

Introduction This tutorial will show to make a web crawler using simple Python and built-in packages. Prerequisites You must have gone through the setup tutorial, or at least have Python installed along with a basic text editor. Reddit’s JSON api Visualizing the JSON The first thing to do is obtain a list of posts from our favorite subreddit. For this tutorial I have chosen r/Eyebleach, which I occasionally visit for pictures of cats and other soul-cleansing content.

Setting Up Python for Scientific Computing

Introduction This is a guide on installing and setting up Python for scientific computing. For those of you new to Python, this setup may feel somewhat longer and more cumbersome than say, Matlab. This is largely due to the freedom and flexibility that general-purpose programming languages provide, in contrast to a product like Matlab which makes most decisions for you, such as which tools to use and how to use them.

My Favorite Tools for Development

Hello! I’m making this post to explain the tools I’m currently using on a Mac running 10.14 (Mojave). This isn’t quite a tutorial but I’ll make sure to post all relevant links to downloads, and more in-depth tutorials for certain setups which require more work, such as Haskell. (credit to u/madakikoeru on Reddit for the thumbnail image of this post) Contents Contents HomeBrew Terminal Python Java C Scheme Haskell Website HomeBrew Before anything else, I advise installing HomeBrew, a package manager for MacOS.