Installing and Using Haskell on MacOS

Hello again, With this guide I will be showing you how to install Haskell on your Mac, a process which I personally found challenging due to the many conflicts between newer version of MacOS and the current versions of GHC / Cabal / Stack. Contents Contents HomeBrew Stack Intero VSCode Setup Finish HomeBrew To start off, we’re going to need the following: If you don’t already have HomeBrew, I strongly suggest getting it even if you aren’t installing Haskell.

My Favorite Tools for Development

Hello! I’m making this post to explain the tools I’m currently using on a Mac running 10.14 (Mojave). This isn’t quite a tutorial but I’ll make sure to post all relevant links to downloads, and more in-depth tutorials for certain setups which require more work, such as Haskell. (credit to u/madakikoeru on Reddit for the thumbnail image of this post) Contents Contents HomeBrew Terminal Python Java C Scheme Haskell Website HomeBrew Before anything else, I advise installing HomeBrew, a package manager for MacOS.