Bookstore Custom Order App

Made a cross-platform Desktop app for custom hoodie ordering, along with a manual for the product.

The app was designed to allow the user to submit information such as their name, email, and number, and then customize a piece of clothing by filling in text boxes and selecting from dropdown menus. The information is sent to a Google Sheet every time the user navigates to the next option. Orders can be loaded from Google Sheets so that users may resume or correct an order.

The app offers a live price counter at the bottom as well as visual examples of the customization currently being edited. There is also a summary page at the end showing the prices for each section customized, as well as the SKUs, which can be exported as a PDF. The prices and SKUs are loaded from Google Sheets, which allows for easy updating of prices etc.

To learn more, look at the manual linked below:
Bookstore Manual

Philippe Nadon
Student majoring in Computing Science, and Math/Physics

My academic focus is in data science, scientific computing, and distributed networks.