Siri Shortcuts for Augustana

Welcome to my collection of Siri Shortcuts for the Augustana Campus of the University of Alberta!



To install and use Siri Shortcuts you will need:

  1. the Shortcuts app from the iOS App Store
  2. be running iOS 12.0 or later. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to start installing some shortcuts!


To install a Siri shortcut,

1. tap on the link

2. tap on “get shortcut”

3. tap “open” when it asks you to “Open in “Shortcuts””

4. You should now see it in your library. Tap on the new shortcut’s 3 dots

5. Press play to make sure it works, then tap on the top-right settings button

6. tap “Add to Siri” and then speak a phrase you want to use to prompt this shortcut

7. You’re done!


Philippe Nadon
Student majoring in Computing Science, and Math/Physics

My academic focus is in data science, scientific computing, and data visualization.