Philippe Nadon

Student majoring in Computing Science, and Math/Physics

University of Alberta


Philippe Nadon is a student at the University of Alberta, who pursues a major in Computing Science and another major in Math/Physics. His interests include data science, scientific computing, and distributed networks.

He has worked in areas related to web apps, commute time estimation based on speed limit changes, soft matter simulation, and sorting algorithms for university courses. He also part of the “Crypto Challenge” development team at the University of Alberta which aims to facilitate an inter-campus challenge related to cryptography, and the President of the insIDE Club at the Augustana Campus. The insIDE Club aims to offer workshops and trips to events such as Devcon so that both experts and inexperienced members alike may learn valuable skills and connections related to software development and technology.


  • Data Science
  • Scientific Computing (soft matter simulation)
  • Distributed Networks


  • (not yet completed) BSc in Computing Science and Math/Physics, 2020

    University of Alberta




Dataset management


Parallel Computing


Scientific Computing (Simulation, Analysis)


Algorithm Design


Web App Development


Leadership & Communication


Android App Development


Linux / Server Deployment & Management


Programming Languages





















Lead Researcher, Contracted at City of Edmonton

ETA Team

Oct 2019 – Present Alberta, Canada
Created a tool for the City of Edmonton that generates several estimated times of arrival for specific routes based on multiple datasources and scenarios. Researched and developed the tools, frameworks, and services used to build, host, and deploy the tool. Cleaned and optimized the database to ensure correct and efficient delivery of information. Developed collaboratively the algorithm used to load relevant road segments and scenarios, and perform the calculation used to estimate the change in time of arrival. Further optimized the tool to reduce resource usage, and stripped away excess content so that the tool may be embedded within the City of Edmonton’s website.

Contracted Developer of Student Sorter Algorithm

University of Alberta

Sep 2019 – Present Alberta, Canada
Contracted to create a tool which automatically sorts first-year students based on the weighting of their preferred course choices and the projected diversity of students (international, sex, major, etc.) within said courses. Current method of sorting students costs an excessive amount of work hours, which this tool will almost entirely replace. The courses affected are “First Year Seminar” courses, which aim to foster and grow the networking and communication skills of new students.

First Year Seminar Tutor Practicum (unpaid)

University of Alberta

Aug 2019 – Sep 2019 Alberta, Canada
Taught first year students full time along with a professor and another tutor, on the ethics and applications surrounding Robotics. Led classroom discussions and activities, and marked presentations, academic papers, group-based projects, and other assignments.

Summer Undergraduate Researcher

University of Alberta

May 2019 – Aug 2019 Alberta, Canada
Simulated a toy model of a Proton-Exchange Membrane, by creating a self-consistent model which describes the swelling of the throats within the membrane, and the proton and water flux through the same throats. Work was presented as part of Peter Berg’s presentation “Energy conversion in electrokinetic flow through soft nanofluidic channels” at the Field Institute, Stewart Library at the University of Toronto, August 22, 2019.

Lead Researcher, Contracted at City of Calgary

ETA Team

Jan 2019 – Present Alberta, Canada

Researched and incorporated tooling and services required to build the ETA Tool. Also cleaned and managed road data to be used by the app, and worked on implementing and optimizing backend algorithm for calculating estimated time of arrival for commuters. See the web app for more details.

Responsibilities include:

  • Researching
  • Analysing
  • Modelling
  • Deploying



Project Head

The Cryptography Challenge

Feb 2020 – Apr 2020
The Cryptography Challenge is the first cross-campus event between North Campus and Augustana Campus, where participants (namely students) take on various encryptionrelated challenges to earn points towards a prize. Was responsible for developing the story and format of the event (point system, quantity, difficulty, and release date of challenges), organizing tasks and meetings, hosting and deploying the website as well as the “Resources” and main page content.


insIDE Club

May 2019 – Present Alberta, Canada
President of the insIDE Club at the University of Alberta. Dedicated to designing software solutions for real world problems.

Math / Physics Tutor

University of Alberta

Oct 2017 – Dec 2017 Alberta, Canada
Tutored students on first year level Linear Algebra and Calculus courses at the University of Alberta.


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